A downloadable game for Windows

Triumph! War 2142 is a real-time tactic game that can
be played with up to 4 players.
Triumph! War 2142, is a remake to the older version (2099),
in it the players will lead an army in the battle against
the Karrate aliens.

In Triumph! You will control your army by commanding
it with orders such as Attacking, defending or following,
and you will gain more reinforcements by collecting
eagle emblems (Yellow for troops, brown for tanks and
blue for air support) You will die in one hit, and re-spawn
after 10 seconds IF you have any troops on the field,
play smart, order your units and control strategic
points in the map to beat 9 different Stages.

The game is better playing with more than one
player! Gather your friends for fun game experience.


TRIUMPH! WAR 2142 ENGINE Final 11-2-16 .exe 104 MB